Welcome to Lujo Designs & Décor. Lujo is a Spanish word which means luxury and that is exactly what we promise to deliver.
We are artists who give life to your space through intelligent décor ideas and space allocation to achieve a balanced yet appealing look. Before we put any dot on your project, we sit with you to understand your taste, goals, expectations and your budget. With this in mind, we put our creative minds together to structure an outstanding solution that will meet your needs and fit your lifestyle.
Our process is fully interactive and we ensure that our clients are involved throughout the project. Whether it is an idea you need incorporated or you just want an update, our client service team is always ready to listen. Each project that we undertake is unique and a pure reflection of your individuality as a client and you can be assured that the final production will be an expression of who you are.
Whether it is a single room, an office or an entire construction project, we are the right choice when it comes to exceptional space transformation locally and internationally.

What we do
We have a reputation as one of the most creative and effective interior design company in the United Arab Emirates. We combine inspired space planning, design, project planning and execution for residential and commercial projects throughout the Middle East region and beyond. In all our design plans, we go for functionality, safety and efficiency which is one reason why we have remained the preferred partner for our existing clients.
Once we sign up a project, we work diligently to ensure that we tailor your needs and offer distinguished designs that are reflective of your preferences. We also give you a full work plan that indicates the timelines, budget and the team that will be involved throughout the life of the project. Our commitment is to ensure that once you hand over the project to us, you can trust that we will handle it professionally.
Our interior design and décor services are either packaged or individually provided and they include:

  • New construction interior design
  • Renovation and refurbishment
  • Space Planning
  • Furniture fit-out
  • Colour selections and painting
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Consultancy
  • Interior design project management
    Whether you only a plan which you will implement on your own or you want a full project that includes execution, we are here to ensure that your needs are met.